Pazzword Manager

Pazzword Manager (PM) is a Windows program for storing passwords encrypted. You only need to remember your Pazzword Manager master password. Note: a lost master password cannot be recovered.

Using Pazzword Manager

To open a website click on it's web address in PM. The default browser will open, navigate to the website and your username will be copied to the Windows clipboard. Return to PM and your password is automatically copied to the clipboard, ready to be pasted into the browser.

Adding Data to Pazzword Manager

Normally, the table is in read-only/locked mode to avoid accidental changes and to allow for single-click actions (like clicking a password to copy it to the clipboard). To be able to modify your data check "Enable editing". Click once on a cell and start typing. Right click for a menu of copy/paste functionality. Saving and encrypting is automatic.


Click to download. See the included file How to install.txt for installation instructions.

Is It Safe

PM uses the open-source encryption library known as "Bouncy Castle" which is the same library used by "Pretty Good Privacy", so its as safe as it gets. Your data is never uploaded to anywhere, cloud or otherwise.


PM has easy to use backup functionality plus makes automatic local backups.


Use these commands to export and import your data to a ".csv" plain text file. Warning: passwords are not encrypted during import/export.

To import data: start Pazzword Manager and hit the Export button. This creates a CSV (spreadsheet) file on your desktop to be used later for importing.

Edit the file using Excel, Libre Office Calc, or a text editor. The file must remain a plain text csv file (not .xlsx). The first column in the spreadsheet is the row-id column, which is special. Use 0 (zero) for new data. Exported data will have assigned row-ids used later for importing (to avoid duplicating data).

When you are done editing the csv file, exit your spreadsheet software and hit the Pazzword Manager Import button.